From the recording Choo Choo Music

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A delightful song about days spent playing and enjoying childhood life.


Verse 1
Wasn’t it a great day today
We went to the park and we stayed and stayed
Peter rode his bike and Mary flew her kite
Wendy climbed a tree and Billy scratched his knee

Chorus 1
But he’s ok, he’s ok
And we played

Verse 2
Wasn’t it a beautiful night tonight
We sat outside and the stars were so bright
Tiny little lights shining in the sky
We reached out to touch them but they were much too high

Chorus 2
And we stayed, yeah we stayed and lay there
We stayed

And we danced around the trees
And we listened to the breeze
And we found some honey bees
And we talked about our dreams

Chorus 3
And we stayed, yeah we stayed and played
And we played all day

And we played
And we stayed
And we played
We played